Saturday, October 23, 2004

Goodbye Adventurers!

Years ago I somehow found some free comic on the web. Even though I don't remember how I got there and I don't even remember what comic it was, it was some kind of internet milestone for me. I'd discovered the wonderful world of webcomics. (Alliteration, booyah!)

For those of you who haven't reached that milestone yet: there is a sort of internet subculture of people who create comics and post them on the web for anyone to see (sometimes after monetary compensation, but usually for free), much like the subculture of people who write blogs.

Since that fateful day, I've been building a steadily growing list of links to various webcomics that I check out daily. One of the comics that have been in my bookmarks for almost as long as I've known of webcomics is Adventurers!; a comic about the heroes of a console style CRPG, a la Final Fantasy.

A long time ago, probably years by now, Mark Shallow, Adventurers!' creator, announced that sometime in the semi-near future the comic would end and he would move on to another webcomic, Antihero for Hire. This is of course never a welcome thing to hear about one of your favorite comics, but it sure beats the comic slowly sliding into repetitive jokes and general unfunnyness like so many other comics whose creator has lost his interest.

Unfortunately, Adventurers! nevertheless did lose its funny. You see, it just won't end. You know its gonna end and they're definitely near the end in that it could end at pretty much any time, but it just... won't... happen...

First we had the heroes preparing to face the enemy for months. Then we had the showdown with the big boss Eternion, which also lasted months. And now we have the heroes fighting the recurring semi-capable villain Khrima of the comic for over SIX MONTHS!

It's gone on more than long enough. I just don't care anymore. Today, I removed the link to Adventurers! from my bookmarks. Perhaps I'll go through the archives someday when its finally really ended, but for now it's "Goodbye Adventurers!".


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